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Forthcoming and Current

2017   Re:Generation, Anteros, Norwich, 12 - 15 December



2013   wo man a kin: The Unreality of the Self, The Forum, Norwich


2010   In my View, St Gregory's Centre for the Arts, Norwich


          Focus on Hungate, Hungate Medieval Art, Norwich



2017   Portraits without Faces, PH21 Gallery, Budapest


          Art of Revolution, The Undercroft Gallery, Norwich


          Norwich 20 Group Annual Exhibition, The Forum, Norwich


          Light, The Undercroft Gallery, Norwich


          Exuberance is Beauty, The Hostry, Norwich Cathedral


2016   Industrial.Colour. Una Gallery at The Undercroft, Norwich


          Spiralling Upward, The Undercroft Gallery, Norwich


          NCA16, Norfolk Contemporary Art Society, The Forum, Norwich


          Asylum, The Undercroft Gallery, Norwich


2015   When Death Comes, The Island Gallery, Bristol


          Effstopeyes: Norwich Fringe Festival, The Undercroft Gallery, Norwich


          Looking Twice: The Lonely Arts Club, The Forum and Undercroft, Norwich


2014   Art of Norwich, St Margaret's Church of Art, Norwich


2013   Effstopeyes: Images from the Edge of Sight, Fusion, Norwich


2012   Reality Check, Rocket House, Cromer, Norfolk


          Alternative Angles, The Forum, Norwich


          Sense and the City, London Transport Musem, Covent Garden, London


2011   Fringes: Images form the Street, Blackline Gallery, Brixton, London


          MOBFORMAT, Format11, Derby


          My Heritage, My Norwich, The Forum, Norwich


2010   Medieval Churches, The Forum, Norwich

04 Canvas 1.4 m wide Halftone 1 copy



Changes, N20 Group,

Undercroft Gallery, Norwich, 9-26 May


H20, Undercroft Gallery, Norwich, 5-29 June


Haven, The Hostry, Norwich Cathedral,

19 July-6 August


Cley 18, Norfolk, 2 July-6 August


N20 Group at The Forum, Norwich, 18-23 July


Julia Cameron, Mary Mellor and Vanessa Pooley The Crypt, Norwich School, September-October


Inspired, N20 Group, The Hostry, Norwich Cathedral, December-January 2019